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Healthcare Support

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, reducing waiting times and improving patient access to General Practitioners (GPs) is crucial.
OQP Solutions will play a significant role in this by implementing innovative solutions to streamline communication between patients.

This will be achieved by our qualified team of doctors and nurses who will triage patient calls that are unable to be answered by the main administrative staff.
This not only reduces the burden on administrative staff but also empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey.

Furthermore, OQP Solutions can implement virtual waiting rooms, where patients receive notifications via text, informing them that they have been triaged and a GP will contact them. This eliminates the need for patients to physically wait in crowded waiting areas, improving overall patient satisfaction and reducing the risk of potential exposure to contagious illnesses.

In summary, by harnessing the power of telecommunications technology, you as the healthcare provider can optimise your operations, reduce waiting times, and enhance the overall patient experience in GP services.