Our Services

24/7 Call Answering Service

We are pleased to offer our esteemed clients with round-the-clock call answering services. Our dedicated team of virtual assistants is committed to providing unparalleled professional and reliable support, guaranteeing that no call goes unanswered. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your company will always maintain seamless communication with your valued clients.

Healthcare Support

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, reducing waiting times and improving patient access to General Practitioners (GPs) is crucial.
OQP Solutions will play a significant role in this by implementing innovative solutions to streamline communication between patients.

This will be achieved by our qualified team of doctors and nurses who will triage patient calls that are unable to be answered by the main administrative staff.
This not only reduces the burden on administrative staff but also empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey.

Furthermore, OQP Solutions can implement virtual waiting rooms, where patients receive notifications via text, informing them that they have been triaged and a GP will contact them. This eliminates the need for patients to physically wait in crowded waiting areas, improving overall patient satisfaction and reducing the risk of potential exposure to contagious illnesses.

In summary, by harnessing the power of telecommunications technology, you as the healthcare provider can optimise your operations, reduce waiting times, and enhance the overall patient experience in GP services.

Telemarketing Sales

OQP Virtual Solutions gets how key telemarketing sales are for growing your business. We have a team ready to give top-notch sales talks, make a connection with potential clients, and seal the deal. Our telemarketing lets your business reach more people, create more leads, and boost your income. Trust us with your sales calls so you can concentrate on other main parts of your business.

Customer Support

Top-notch customer support is essential for a business to do well. Our team excels in answering questions, fixing problems, and making sure customers are happy. With our help, your customers will get quick, pro help. This improves how they see your brand. We know that satisfied customers come back and spread good words about you.

Virtual Office

A virtual office gives your business a professional address and support without a real office space. Our virtual assistants can manage your mail, forward calls, schedule appointments, and more. This service lets you look professional to clients and saves money by working remotely.

At OQP Virtual Solutions, we have many services to help your business do better and increase productivity. Our team of virtual assistants is ready to support you and help you reach your goals. Get in touch to see how we can make your remote team successful.

Live Support

Instant help is key for online businesses. Our virtual assistants offer live support through chat, phone calls, or video. They can help customers navigate your website or answer questions about your products. With our live support, you can make customers happier and build trust in your brand.

Technical Support

Technology is crucial in business today. It changes how we work and communicate. But, tech problems can happen, slowing down your work and affecting productivity. Our virtual assistants are ready to help. They have the skills to fix common tech issues in your business.

If there’s a problem with software, hardware, or the network, our assistants can help you and your team. We know downtime means lost money and productivity. So, we work hard to keep your systems running well. Our team is trained to quickly find and fix tech issues. We use the latest tools to ensure your business runs efficiently.

Appointment Setting

Making appointments is hard, especially when you’re busy. It takes up much of your time, leaving less for other important business parts. Our virtual assistants are here to help. They’re experts in organizing your schedule so it’s efficient. They understand organizing meetings or setting up times for team members can take a lot of work.

We handle the scheduling for you. This lets you concentrate on growing your business. Our assistants will get to know your schedule needs and set appointments that fit you best. With our help, you can save time and make your business run smoother.

Email Support

In today’s speedy business world, email is a must for talking to customers, partners, and team members everywhere. Yet, keeping up with emails can eat up time you could spend on other business tasks. That’s where our team comes into play.

Our folks are pros at managing emails in a way that makes sure your customers get responses quickly and feel personally attended to. We handle everything from answering questions and sharing info to sorting out complaints. By letting us manage your inbox, you can focus more on growing your business. With us, your email communication is in safe hands.

Freequently Asked Questions

We give our team members different ways to talk to each other and clients, like email, video calls, and messaging apps. This helps everyone work together well and talk easily.

We check our team members carefully. We look at their school records, past jobs, and talk to people who know their work to make sure they are good at what they do and can be trusted.

No extra fees are needed to join our team. We only ask for a standard service fee. This fee covers finding the right team members and ensuring everyone can work well together.

Team members need to have a bachelor’s degree related to their job. We also value higher degrees and certifications to ensure deep knowledge.